"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

Albert Einstein​

Leftists won't stop

  • They might look like they’re losing …
  • Yet Leftists have looked that way for decades while their hateful agenda has spread like cancer.
  • Every year, four million children become voters after a dozen years of Leftist indoctrination and propaganda.
  • To stop the ruling-class we need to undo their propaganda.

Ending Hate

  • Is the counter-programming to Leftist indoctrination.
  • We can pierce social-media bubbles with scientifically-tested advertising directed to targeted audiences.
  • We’re your opportunity to speak up with complete privacy, while you still can.

I'm ready to save my country ...

"The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."

Abraham Lincoln

You are a threat

to powerful people, but only if you act.
  • Millions of Leftists say shut up and obey. They're raking in cash from cushy jobs, crony capitalism, bloated public pensions, government contracts, grants, waste, and fraud.
  • The cost of failed Leftist programs is built into the price of everything we do. Each of us spends thousands of dollars every year to pay for past mistakes of Leftists. Future mistakes will cost even more.
  • Joining Ending Hate could save you far more than you contribute, plus you're teaching people the value of mutual respect and Individual Rights.
  • Politics only reflects our culture, while Ending Hate is a constant campaign to change our culture and destroy support for failed Leftist ideas.
  • It's Up to Us. Our institutions are compromised and won't Stop Leftist Hate. We need to do this ourselves. Fight back against Leftist hate with perfect privacy through Ending Hate.

Grass roots

  • Ending Hate gets nothing from taxpayers or billionaires.
  • Our allegiance is to the ideas you see on endinghate.com
  • Our supporters are people like you who have joined together.

I'm ready to join together ...

Thank you

We’re enthusiastic about standing up for Individual Rights, and we appreciate every individual who makes the right decision to stand with us.

Thank you for taking a stand.