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Do you feel protected by democracy? In theory, we can avoid tyranny by voting out politicians who would oppress us. Does that really work?

  • In fact, democracy is powerless against tyranny when a majority of people want to be oppressed.
  • Why would anyone choose oppression?

It starts with words.

Government oppression

Throughout history, oppression has been a tool for governments to extract wealth from their citizens.

  • Oppressed people are denied basic civil rights such as privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of movement and assembly, due process, self-defense, free trade, and private property.
  • Dissenters are punished harshly to terrorize others into submission.
  • Oppression has earned a bad name which is a problem for the ruling-class who need to take your money.
  • So Leftists have made “oppression” a fake word.

Social oppression

In schools and in media now, the word “oppression” almost exclusively means “social oppression” with its many variations including sexism, heterosexism, cisgenderism, classism, racism, colorism, ableism, lookism, sizeism, ageism, nativism, and colonialism.

  • The key to social oppression is that the oppressor is you. You belong to groups based on your age, race, gender, etc. that are somehow, even unconsciously, oppressing your fellow citizens (see: “white privilege“).
  • The lie of social oppression is used to dehumanize your fellow citizens.
  • They also want to make you a Virtue Voter for Leftists so you can “help the people you’re hurting”.

Social justice

Leftists say the cure for social oppression is “social justice” which is like real justice, except instead of judging individuals for what they do, it judges people based on what groups they belong to.

  • By judging people based on race and gender, social justice is itself racist and sexist, and like most ruling-class schemes, it hurts minorities the most.
  • But the real point of social justice is to justify the “equitable” distribution of resources. In other words, taking wealth from one group to give to another.

Income redistribution

Income redistribution schemes add to the bloated ranks of ruling-class Leftists. They also cripple, and could eventually crash, our economy.

  • The theory of income redistribution is to re-slice the economic “pie” so the pieces are more evenly shared.
  • The reality is that income redistribution breaks the link between effort and reward. People who don’t work are paid anyway, and people who put in extra work get minimal extra pay.
  • When work stops paying, people stop working. The economic pie shrinks and the pieces get smaller.

The ruling-class distributes income to pay themselves first, then pay as much as they must to buy votes from the masses. The middle-class gets what’s left, so it’s the first thing to shrink.

  • At the same time, everyone becomes more dependent on government and Leftists create a majority of Vulnerable Voters.
  • As the middle-class gives up more and more to get less and less, they will complain.
  • That’s when the ruling-class uses old-fashioned government oppression which has already started.

Committed Leftists believe that questioning their agenda makes you a threat to public welfare.

Free speech

Free speech is the enemy of ruling-classes because it’s the most effective non-violent way to oppose them.

  • That’s why dictators make it a crime to speak against the government.
  • It’s also why the ruling-class insists social justice is more important than free speech.
  • Leftists criminalize political speech by calling it campaign finance reform.
  • They’ve tried to criminalize ideas like questioning the climate change agenda.

Hate speech

“Hate speech” is technically legal in the U.S. but violent speech isn’t.

  • So Leftists teach our children that speech is an act of violence when hearing it might make someone physically ill.
  • Labeling speech as an act of violence also provides a “self-defense” argument for violent Leftist hate groups like Antifa, who are encouraged by many in the ruling-class.

What’s the definition of hate speech?

  • According to Leftists, hate speech is anything that offends them.

Civil rights

Companies are exempt from U.S. protections for free speech, so Leftist tech companies and even banks can already censor, de-platform, ban, or deny services to anyone they don’t like.

What about your civil rights?

  • Leftists are trying to dilute your votes by extending voting rights to convicted felons, illegal aliens, and even children.
  • Your government spies on you and lies about it under oath without consequence.
  • Your property can be taken without a trial.
  • You can be judged in secret courts. Selective enforcement means your chance of being prosecuted depends on who you know.
  • They claim “your body is your choice”, but under Leftist healthcare schemes visiting a private doctor would be a crime and medicine would be rationed, making your survival completely dependent on their bureaucracy.
  • Actual crimes like theft have been decriminalized to “stop racism” while Leftists promote “pre-crime” measures like red-flag laws that would remove your right to self-defense without proof or a trial.

Why do Leftist-run big cities allow crime to flourish? Because an atmosphere of fear makes you more dependent on Leftists.

The ruling-class needs to be needed — so they can take your money.


Almost all national governments run at a deficit. The U.S. government debt is over $20 trillion, but that doesn’t include unfunded liabilities like government pensions, social security, and medicare.

  • The total including unfunded liabilities is over $120 trillion — nearly four hundred thousand dollars for every single person in the country.
  • Even if we never pay off the debt, we must pay interest which will soon be one of our largest expenses.

But how will they get your money?

  • Authoritarian regimes build barriers like the Berlin Wall to prevent their citizens from leaving.
  • Western democracies don’t need barriers because their citizens have nowhere to hide.
  • U.S. citizens are required to pay taxes no matter where they live in the world, and the U.S. government forces other countries to make you pay.
  • That’s why a U.S. citizen can’t open a financial account in most other countries.


What about the money you have tucked away? After the next crash, your accounts might not be yours.

  • At the end of the last crash, Leftists developed plans that would forcibly take your retirement accounts to be merged into the Social Security system “for your protection”.

Your non-retirement accounts, including checking, savings, money market, and stock accounts, are also subject to “adjustment.”

  • In 2008, government “bail-outs” rescued troubled financial institutions.
  • The ruling-class has already decided the next crash will be handled with “bail-ins”.
  • Every person with money at a failing institution will simply have their accounts reduced.


To stimulate the economy, interest rates are at unsustainably low levels. What happens if the economy needs more stimulation but interest rates can’t go lower?

  • Leftist economists have already decided they will impose “negative” interest rates, which means banks will charge you to keep your money.
  • At that point, you’d probably want to take your money out of the bank.
  • Except Leftists will criminalize cash, cryptocurrency, and gold “for your protection” and because only “terrorists” need to hide their wealth.

Any savings you have left could be made irrelevant by inflation resulting from massive Leftist spending schemes.

As anyone in a failed economy will tell you, having millions means little when a loaf of bread costs thousands.


If Leftist oppression seems crazy to you, realize it doesn’t to our children. They’ve been indoctrinated that “capitalism” has failed, and only racists don’t want to redistribute wealth.

The ruling-class is grooming us for the next crisis which could be triggered by civil unrest, an economic collapse, an epidemic, or war.

  • People will be angry, confused, frightened, and hungry — and turn to the ruling-class for help.

The “solutions” that Leftists have prepared will lock them into power for the rest of our lives.

  • When Leftists gain a solid majority they will shut down free speech, criminalize encryption, disarm the public, and immediately pack the Supreme Court to “reinterpret” the Constitution.
  • To crush dissent, they will criminalize everyday acts and require you to snitch on your friends and family.
  • The next crisis could give the ruling-class all the power they will ever need, and they will take and hold it “by any means necessary”.

When it’s illegal to oppose the ruling-class, restoring freedom could take decades or even centuries.

Does the ruling-class sound too bad to be true?

Could our country ever fall to tyranny? We see people who suffer in failed countries and believe that could never be us — because we’re different.

  • Yet our only fundamental difference is a belief in individual rights — and Leftists are eliminating that belief.

A brief look at history shows that people have an amazing ability to rationalize evil.

  • Tyrants and dictators always think they’re the good guys, even while they oppress, torture or murder their opponents.

Democracy depends on informed voters, but the ruling-class has indoctrinated recent generations with schools, brainwashed them with “news” and entertainment, and bullied them with social media.

If we don’t act, a majority will soon embrace their own oppression.

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