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Why did Democrats impeach the President when they knew he would be acquitted?

Impeachment seems like a win for Republicans, and will likely help Trump’s reelection.

What did Democrats get out of it, and how will that hurt you?

Victims of democracy

To be champions of the oppressed, Leftists need victims of oppression.

They usually claim racism and sexism, but a growing grievance is that we are all “victims of democracy”.

  • In the 2000 election, the Supreme Court decided that George Bush defeated Al Gore. For Leftists, that “proves” the system is rigged and the Supreme Court is corrupt.
  • That election was settled with paper ballots, which we now rarely use. So Leftists are now free to make wild claims about vote “tampering”.
  • Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss is more “evidence” of election tampering and the injustice of an Electoral College.
  • Other defeated Democrats blame campaign finances and voter suppression.

The Trump impeachment failed, which Leftists claim is more “proof” that our Constitution “doesn’t work”.

Selective enforcement

So how did the ruling-class convince Democrats to impeach Trump?

They said he used the power of his office for political gain.

  • That sounds ominous until you realize every act by every politician is calculated for political gain.
  • Each time they shake a hand, kiss a baby, or vote on a law, they’re working to be reelected.
  • Democrats never charged Trump with a crime. They charged him with being a politician.

They also accused Trump of failing to cooperate with Congress.

  • That also sounds bad, until you realize that innumerable Leftists have actually lied under oath to Congress with no consequence.

Trump’s impeachment is a classic example of selective enforcement — a technique used by dictators.


Gaslighting is telling people what they see isn’t really happening. It’s a powerful form of manipulation used by cult-leaders and abusers.

The ruling-class keeps telling big lies until their supporters believe them.

  • Since before his election, Leftists repeatedly declared they have “proof” that Trump broke the law. They never delivered proof, but now claim they proved it.
  • They told us no one is above the law, yet Trump never charged with a crime while Leftists refuse to enforce felonies committed by tens of millions of their supporters.
  • They said it’s wrong to use official power to influence an election, while Democrats used their official power to influence Trump’s reelection.
  • Leftists denied every Republican response until their denials were proven wrong. Then they denied that they’d denied.

For more on gaslighting, see: How can I convince someone to leave the Left?

Fake democracy

What does the Trump impeachment mean for democracy?

Historically, democracy means rule by the will of the people, but the ruling-class has made “democracy” a fake word.

To Leftists, democracy means maintaining “democratic norms” which means keeping the ruling-class in power.

  • Any threat to their power, like Trump or Brexit, they condemn as “hard-right authoritarian”, even though it’s the ruling-class who seeks to take over substantial aspects of your life.
  • Advocates write articles that conclude “human brains aren’t built for self-rule” and democracy is “unnatural”.

Once they establish that democracy can’t be trusted, Leftists are free to impose their alternative.

The “Fix”

For the ruling-class, democracy isn’t about following the will of the people. It’s about stopping the will of “ignorant” masses who “get it wrong”.

  • Leftist judges refuse to enforce laws they don’t like, and Leftist prosecutors refuse to prosecute.
  • Leftist politicians nationalize issues that should be handled on a local level where you have a better chance for your voice to be heard.
  • They delegate their authority to bureaucrats whose only allegiance is to protect the bureaucracy.
  • Advocates work to extend voting rights to anyone who might vote for Leftists, including felons, non-citizens, and children.

This is how unaccountable bullies gain power and rationalize immoral punishments for anyone who dares to defy them.

For more, see: How will Leftists oppress me?

Impeachment worked

Democrats accomplished what they wanted — to motivate their base.

  • The ‘fact’ that democracy failed to remove an illegitimate President Trump is now unquestioned Leftist lore to be passed down as grievance fuel for future generations.
  • As soon as they can, Leftists will use their resentment to justify radical changes to the Supreme Court designed to undo every decision made by Trump appointees.

If we don’t stop them.

Ending Hate

Why does it matter what the Leftist base thinks? They’ll never be a majority. Right?

  • Except studies show that revolutions don’t require a majority — they typically only require active participation from 3.5% of the population.
  • Many more will sympathize.
  • The rest are swept along. Or swept under.

Leftists are well on their way to the 3.5% tipping point.

Ending Hate is building an active base to fight back against ruling-class oppression. You can help.

Please join us.

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