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Maybe you don’t have much time for politics, but you want to be a responsible citizen.

How can you do that when both parties never seem to fix anything? And why has politics become so hateful?

We’re all in this together, right? 

The ruling-class

What if there’s a hidden element that shapes society? A force more powerful than Republicans or Democrats? A gang that manipulates us with hate?

  • That force is greed. And that gang is the ruling-class.

The ruling-class is a collusion of greedy people who exploit human nature because we haven’t stopped them.


We all have a desire for wealth, but some cross the line into greed when they defraud others, or take things by force.

The ruling-class takes your money by force and fraud.

  • Since governments can legally use force to take your money, the ruling-class operates by giving power to governments.
  • That makes them political Leftists, which, in the U.S., includes almost all Democrats and most Republicans.


Three main groups work together by trading favors.

  • Politicians (and their bureaucrats) offer government contracts and favorable legislation. In exchange, they get donations, propaganda, and lucrative jobs.
  • Crony-Capitalists (and their lobbyists) offer donations, influence, and jobs. In exchange, they get government contracts, special tax breaks, anti-competitive legislation, and even laws that force you to buy their products.
  • Advocates (including non-profits, educators, and foreign governments) offer donations and propaganda. In exchange, they get funding and jobs.

For more on ruling-class collusion, see: Will my children be able to join the middle-class?


The ruling-class needs to be needed. They accomplish that by making people vulnerable and afraid.

Their most powerful weapon is tribal hate.

  • People react instinctively when told they’re threatened by “others”.
  • In the 1950s, the ruling-class promised to protect us from black people and homosexuals.
  • Today, they promise to protect us from white people, men, and heterosexuals.
  • It’s all the same to them. They incite anger, fear, and hate by condemning others based on how they were born.

For more on tribal hate, see: Do I have white privilege?

Fake help

To be champions for the weak, Leftists need weak people.

That’s why they weaken people with help that hurts.

  • Leftist academics promote conspiracy theories that teach minorities to be victims.
  • Schools replace education with social programming.
  • The poor are hooked on benefits that destroy incentive.

For more, see: How can I really really help minorities?

Also, see: How do Leftists corrupt my world?


Around the world, billions of people support ruling-class policies even when it hurts them? Why would they do that?

  • In dictatorships, ruling-classes oppress their subjects with force.
  • In democracies, they use psychological indoctrination and propaganda.
  • Their primary tools are mass media and government schools that allow them to indoctrinate every child.

Cult tactics

Ruling-classes reinforce their message with cult-like tactics that create a collective-identity.

  • They manipulate followers with fear and guilt, and flatter them with smug pretense.
  • They dehumanize their opponents, particularly conservatives who dare to believe in individual rights.

For more on Leftist cult tactics, see: How can I convince someone to leave the Left?


Healthy societies tolerate small ruling-classes just as healthy people tolerate germs.

  • Our societal immune system is respect for individual rights.
  • Decades of Leftist indoctrination has wiped out our immune system, and the ruling-class is multiplying.

The ruling-class isn’t a fixed group of people — it’s a set of opportunities for abuse.

  • As long as those opportunities exist, more and more people will become abusers.
  • As their numbers grow, they’ll take increasingly more from everyone else.
  • They’ll never stop, even as they drive countries into bankruptcy.

For more, see: How will Leftists oppress me?

Who can stop them?

Our institutions won’t help us because they’re too busy hurting us.

  • The education system indoctrinates our children so a majority now believes in socialism while not knowing what it means.
  • Congress delegates its government authority to an army of bureaucrats who can’t be fired.
  • Old media news organizations have become entertainment venues, and don’t even bother to hide their bias.
  • Most people now get their news from new media Leftist tech companies who actively censor conservative ideas.

The only people who can possibly stop them is us — working together.

Ending Hate

Most people are insulated inside Leftist propaganda bubbles.

  • They don’t know the same books that you do, or tv shows, websites, podcasts, or radio.
  • They don’t even know major news events that are ignored by Leftist media.

The only cure for a propaganda machine is an anti-propaganda machine.

  • Even though people are walled off by Leftist social media, we can pass through that wall with a doorway called advertising.
  • Advertising is how people discover things they didn’t know they wanted.
  • Changing minds requires the right message delivered to the right people at the right time.
  • To do that, Ending Hate uses scientifically-tested ads that inflict maximum damage on dangerous Leftist ideas.

Grass roots

  • Ending Hate gets nothing from taxpayers or billionaires.
  • Our only supporters are people like you.
  • Our only allegiance is to the ideas you see on endinghate.com

A simple choice

If you think the message of Ending Hate could make the world a better place, you can help.

  • The only reason you’re able to read this is because someone else did.
  • To peacefully overthrow the ruling-class, we must join together.

Please join us.

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