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Everyone wants to live in a healthy, prosperous society, but many countries around the world are corrupt and impoverished.

How does that happen?

Could it happen to us?

The link between effort and result

The fundamental process of living is desire, effort, and result.

  • You want something. You make an effort to get it. You succeed or fail.
  • When you fail to get the result you wanted, you might try changing your effort, or maybe you change what you desire.

That’s how you learn to live.

Healthy societies maintain strong links between effort and result.

  • People who make good efforts should get good results.
  • People who make bad efforts, like stealing or cheating, should be punished.
  • Strong links teach us to create peace and prosperity for all.

The invention of cheating

Human nature drives us to get more results for less effort.

  • That’s why we invent things. To travel, we first had to walk. Then we invented boats, wheels, and airplanes.
  • Invention is how we raised ourselves up from the stone age.
  • It’s also how we cheat each other.

Every scam, con, ponzi scheme, and gamble exploits our human desire to get more for less.

  • The only people who reliably get more for less are people who run the scams.
  • The biggest scams are run by the ruling-class.

Ruling-class scams

Leftist programs break links between effort and result to make people think they’re getting more for less.

  • Social justice breaks the link between crime and punishment.
  • Income redistribution breaks the link between work and pay.
  • Crony-capitalism breaks the link between companies and their customers.
  • Schools break the link between learning and graduation.
  • Government debt breaks the link between voters and taxes.

Financial cost

Casinos often give away “free” food or hotel rooms to let good customers think they’re getting something for nothing.

  • They only do that to make more money in other ways.
  • On average, “free” stuff from casinos makes people poorer.

Ruling-class scams are the same.

  • Government giveaways help them make more money.
  • The cost of “free” stuff is simply added back to the price of everything you buy.
  • Plus you pay for bureaucracy, payoffs, and profits for the ruling-class.
  • On average, “free” stuff from the government makes people poorer.

But money isn’t the only cost.

Human cost

The greater cost of a broken link is what it teaches people.

  • Crony-capitalists learn to win by cheating.
  • Politicians learn to get elected by handing out favors.
  • Voters learn to vote themselves benefits at the expense of others.
  • Children learn they can get through school without learning.
  • Government employees (who virtually can’t be fired) learn their performance doesn’t matter.


The Leftist focus on giving power to governments creates opportunities for corruption.

  • When bad efforts are not punished, corruption flourishes.
  • The result of people abusing their power is a downward spiral of mistrust, deception, and crime.
  • Selective enforcement allows Leftists to punish their enemies while excusing their friends.
  • The evidence is abundant in big cities run by Leftist policies that create third-world conditions of corruption, dependence and poverty.


After decades of pure Leftist rule, California has transformed from being one of the best states to now having:

  • The highest income tax rates, high sales taxes, and the highest ratio of government debt.
  • Crumbling infrastructure with bad roads and unreliable power.
  • Nearly as many homeless people as the other 49 states combined.
  • The least-educated citizens in the nation and the lowest-rated quality of life.

For over a half-century, California has been a leading indicator for the rest of the U.S.

  • Now, middle-class citizens are escaping California, and the only hope for the state’s finances is a bailout from the U.S. government.
  • When Leftist politics dominate the entire country, there will be no escape, and no bailout.

Want to stop corruption?

Ruling-classes don’t want their countries to fail, they just want your money.

  • What they do to get your money also leads to failure.
  • And they won’t be easy to stop.

To stop the Leftist agenda, we need to undo their indoctrination and propaganda.

  • We have truth on our side, but that means little if no one sees it.
  • And people don’t usually find things they aren’t looking for.

That’s why Ending Hate uses advertising to reach people.

  • We can pierce social-media bubbles with scientifically-tested messages for targeted people.
  • We can only do that when people like you join together to help make it happen.

Please join us.

Wish you could help people to leave the Left?

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