Ending Hate

Are you shocked by the rise of hate from Leftists in recent years? Do you wonder where it comes from? Can you do anything besides hope they come to their senses?

After all, politics is just Republicans vs. Democrats. Right? But what if it isn’t?

What if there’s a hidden element that shapes society? A force that overrules both Republicans and Democrats? A group that’s grown out of control by manipulating us with hate?

That force is greed. And that group is the ruling-class. It’s not a conspiracy. The ruling-class are simply greedy people who exploit human nature because gullible people help them. And their greed only grows, even as they drive nations into bankruptcy.

Who is the ruling-class?

And how are they greedy? We all have a desire for wealth, but people cross the line into greed when they cheat others, or take things by force. The ruling-class uses the force of government to take your money and your power.

Ruling-class members help each other by trading favors …

  • Politicians offer government contracts and favorable legislation. In exchange they get donations, propaganda, and lucrative jobs.
  • Crony Capitalists offer donations, influence, and jobs. In exchange they get government contracts, special tax breaks, favorable legislation, and even laws that force you to buy their products.
  • Advocates (including non-profits, educators, and foreign governments) offer donations and propaganda. In exchange they get funding and jobs.

Anyone can participate as long as they help the ruling-class to take more of your money, or take more power so they can take more of your money


Politically, the ruling-class are Leftists, which includes almost all Democrats and most Republicans. Leftists give power to governments because governments can force you to hand over your money.

Does every government bureaucrat and college professor endorse the ruling-class agenda? Of course not, but supporters are rewarded for their loyalty, while others are left to fade away.

What about billions of people around the world who support ruling-class policies even when it hurts them? Why would they do that?


The ruling-class needs to be needed. They accomplish that by making people frightened, vulnerable, weak, and dependent. But their most powerful weapon is tribal hate.

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People react instinctively when told they’re threatened by “others”. In the 1950s the ruling-class promised to protect us from black people and homosexuals. Today they promise to protect us from white people, men, and heterosexuals. It’s all the same to them. They incite anger, fear, and hate by condemning others based on how they were born.

Yet hate is also a weakness. The ruling class hides much of what they do, but we can expose their hate and show a better way. That’s the mission of Ending Hate, and the stakes are high.

How are we doing?

The ruling-class is winning. They control a majority of our institutions including education, media, government, and big business. They’ve indoctrinated recent generations with Leftist propaganda, and now a majority of young people believe in socialism.

Leftist policies already devastate the middle-class but their propagandists blame conservatives. Most voters will never hear an alternative. They’re insulated in Leftist bubbles and will never hear conservative commentators or read conservative books. They don’t even know about major news events ignored by Leftist media.

We’ve seen the results. In big cities where Leftist voters dominate, their ideas have already produced third-world conditions of control, corruption, dependence, and poverty. The rest of the country will follow, unless we can reach them.

Ending Hate

Even though Leftists are walled off by social media, our chance to reach them is through a doorway called advertising. Advertising is how people discover things they didn’t know they wanted.

To change minds, we must deliver exactly the right message to exactly the right people at exactly the right time. Ending Hate mixes creativity with the latest advertising technology that enables us to pinpoint the people we can help to Leave the Left.

But we can only do it if we join together. Unlike Leftists, Ending Hate is not bankrolled by taxpayers or billionaires — we’re a grass-roots organization of people like you. The ruling-class won’t stop until we stop them.

No time to worry about politics?

We understand — you’re busy. Family and work are priorities, and politics falls way down the list. Besides, what can you do?

The ruling-class takes money by indoctrinating their agenda. Your fellow citizens are isolated from conservative ideas. The only way to reach them is through advertising, and to do that we must join together.

We hope you’ll join us.

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