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Maybe you’ve tried to convince a loved one to leave the Left, or maybe you’re concerned about the next generation.

Why do they support the hateful Leftist agenda?

What can you say to them?

The Leftist cult

We can understand how to bring people back from the Left when we understand how they got there.To keep raking in cash, the ruling-class needs followers.

  • Some are hooked on the Leftist agenda when they become financially dependent on government benefits.
  • Some swallow Leftist doctrine for the same reasons they swallow junk food — it’s readily available, they get temporary pleasure, and they don’t consider long-term consequences.
  • But the ruling-class entraps its strongest supporters with a powerful program of indoctrination and propaganda.

To build that program, they have adopted the same tactics used by destructive cults.


Many cults claim they’re on a mission to save the world.

  • In recent decades, Leftists have combined that claim with a series of doomsday scares including nuclear armageddon, global cooling, the population bomb, mass starvation, peak oil, and most recently, white supremacy and climate change.
  • When predictions of doom are repeatedly proven false, you might expect people to stop believing.
  • For members of a cult, contrary-evidence actually strengthens their beliefs.
  • Because their “mission” is so important, Leftists consider themselves morally superior.
  • That inflates their sense of self-worth and entitlement, and convinces them they can do whatever they want — even when it hurts others.

There can be no dissent. If you fail to display an unquestioned belief in Leftist morality, you become an enemy.


Cults frame issues in simplistic terms of good or evil.

  • If you don’t blindly support green energy, you’re evil and want the world to burn up.
  • If you question the benefits of affirmative action, you’re racist, sexist, etc.

You are an enemy unless you pledge obedience and loyalty to all Leftist ideas, even when they conflict.

  • Advocates for women’s sports are forced to support transgender rights, even as women’s athletic records are wiped out by biological males.
  • Their emotional conflict contributes to their self-doubt.


In the minds of committed Leftists, if you don’t want them to rule the world, you must want to destroy it.

So they dehumanize conservatives as “deplorables” or even subhumans.

  • Making conservatives non-human justifies denying their rights, shouting them down, or even beating them up.
  • Leftists isolate themselves from conservatives and shield themselves from differing opinions, particularly news.
  • The inhumanity of oppression is only possible when you stop seeing your enemies as human.


The ruling-class batters their followers with fear.

  • They hear about new threats from climate change every day, but never hear when previous threats are debunked.
  • They’re told “guns” will kill them, but any action to stop people who misuse guns would be racist.
  • Minorities are constantly told they’re threatened by white people who hate them.
  • The perpetual message of fear is: without Leftist protection, others will attack you or worse.


They also use the weapon of guilt.

  • Leftists convince white people they’re guilty of “white privilege“, microaggressions, and cultural appropriation.
  • Men are guilty of mansplaining, toxic masculinity, and rape culture.
  • Most importantly, we’re all guilty of not doing enough. We need to be more outraged, more “woke”, and more supportive of the Leftist agenda.

Yet no matter what you do, you’ll always be guilty because you’re alive, eating food, and using energy that “destroys the planet”.


Cults work by replacing your self-identity with their collective-identity.

  • It’s easiest to replace the identity of teenagers whose identities are still being formed.
  • That’s why the ruling-class maintains an iron grip on education.

The key to replacing adult self-identity is to create self-doubt and groupthink. Many techniques are used.

  • Rigid insistence on group ideals including the use of specific words.
  • Repeated use of simplistic phrases that limit issues to good or evil.
  • Shutting down dissent and shunning dissenters.
  • Requiring confession and atonement from all who stray.
  • Gaslighting and accusing your enemies of committing the exact same offenses that you are committing.


The goal is to create self-doubt and self-censorship — to make you question your own thoughts until you finally give up and go along.

Once you adopt the cult’s collective-identity, your mind rationalizes radical ideas.

  • For destructive cults, the ultimate rationalization is mass suicide.
  • Leftists currently rationalize theories like white privilege and toxic masculinity.
  • The ultimate rationalization of Leftist regimes is often war or mass murder (see Stalin, Mao, etc.).

What can you do for Leftist friends?

First, be compassionate.

  • Your friends aren’t necessarily crazy or dumb. Intelligent people are even more likely to be indoctrinated since they spend more time in the education system and can creatively rationalize their beliefs.
  • Some of your friends might be emotionally dependent on Leftist ideals.
  • Since their identity is to give power to government, any loss of government power is a personal loss for Leftists.

Similar to drug or alcohol addictions, your friends can be addicted to their beliefs.

  • Attacking them with logic or reason is often counterproductive and they will only isolate themselves further.
  • The best way to help your friends is to help them understand how they’re being manipulated.

Dare them to subscribe to email updates from Ending Hate (but please don’t subscribe for them). We’ll do our best to help them.

What can Leftists do for themselves?

Confront the fear of leaving.

Imagine yourself being happier, and open to philosophical alternatives. Then explore those alternatives.

  • Take a break from news and social media. Most of those interactions will likely only feed your addiction.
  • Please subscribe to our email updates. It’s not a commitment and you can quit at any time.
  • When you leave a cult, don’t try to bring others with you. They will likely only make your life more difficult. Set the example and let them follow.

If your friends leave you because you leave the Left, don’t let yourself be emotionally blackmailed, but be compassionate. They’re struggling too.

Want to help someone to leave the Left?

Cults exist to glorify leaders and take money from followers — a perfect model for the ruling-class.

  • But people can only be convinced to leave when they’re ready to listen and they hear the right message.
  • Different messages work with different people, and those messages also change over time.

Ending Hate uses advertisements that are scientifically-tested with targeted audiences to continuously know what works best.

  • We can only do that when people like you join together to help.
  • Even if your friends or family aren’t yet ready to listen, you can help us reach someone else today.

Please join us.

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