• The free world faces a critical threat from a Leftist ruling-class poised to seize control and oppress all who resist.
  • Momentum for the dangerous Leftist agenda is driven by decades of cult-like indoctrination that has poisoned recent generations against freedom and individual rights.
  • Efforts to push back, like Brexit and Trump, depend on older generations whose influence is fading.
  • Our only hope to defeat the Leftist propaganda machine is an anti-propaganda machine.

Executive Summary

Why do radicals run our institutions, and how do they threaten our future?

  • Government, education, media, and big business are now dominated by a Leftist ruling-class pushing an agenda of dependence and conflict. Why? It’s all about money.
  • In democracies, only educated voters prevent the ruling-class from profiting through abuse of government power.  When voters are miseducated, Leftist profiteering spreads unchecked. Crony-capitalism delivers contracts and favors to the politically connected; government jobs and pensions are bloated.
  • Leftist greed pushes the middle-class toward poverty. Average families are no better off than fifty years ago, and most now require two incomes. To escape blame, Leftists exploit the poor as human-shields by bribing them with giveaways that create multi-generational dependence.
  • Greedy rulers often start wars to shift public anger toward selected “enemies.” Leftists today have declared the enemy is us. In the name of “justice” and “diversity”, they demand open-immigration along with mandatory discrimination based on age, race, gender, and religion. The ruling-class has created a hateful Identity War that can never be won, or even surrendered.
  • Leftists are escalating their unsustainable agenda because they sense the opportunity for conclusive victory. Once they win a solid majority, they’ll execute plans to lock themselves into permanent power through mechanisms of oppression that include packing the supreme court, gun control, and speech control.

What can we do?

  • If politics could fix this problem, it would already be fixed. Conservatives spend billions on elections, yet in spite of victories, steadily lose ground. A majority of millennials believe in socialism because Leftists have built the world’s most powerful propaganda machine. They’ve taken over our institutions and turned them against us, including education, government, big business, law, journalism, and entertainment.
  • We have no hope of taking back our institutions in time. Leftists are entrenched and are changing the rules to lock themselves in. Our only hope is to undermine their hateful agenda in the minds of targeted voters. Yet the people we need to reach are sequestered in social media echo-chambers. They never see or hear conservative books, radio, television, or websites.
  • Our only opportunity to reach those people is advertising. And the opportunity is amazing. Advertising today includes the ability for machine-learning to refine the best possible message for the best possible audience. Ending Hate combines advertising technology with a scientifically-tested messages to help voters leave the Left.
  • Unlike Leftists who are propped up by corrupt institutions, Ending Hate is entirely supported by individuals. And we’re not alone. Working with conservative affiliates spreads our message across friendly platforms.

Why now?

If you think Leftists will be easily defeated, consider that recent generations only become voters after years of indoctrination — from pre-school through grad-school.

  • Their only role-models are Leftists.
  • And if they don’t support the Leftist agenda they will be shunned, labeled as racist or sexist, and targeted to be harassed, sued, censored, or banned.

Freedom is at the greatest risk in living memory.

  • Some people will never leave the Leftist cult, but we have a fleeting opportunity to reach a critical mass.
  • You can help teach them the values of mutual respect, individual freedom, and responsibility.
  • We can only save our Country by joining together.

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