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Do you wish we could all get along? Maybe you already treat everyone equally.

Now you’re told that’s not good enough because of a theory called “white privilege”.

Does that really help anyone?

White privilege

The theory of white privilege is that white people experience better outcomes in life because of their skin color. The “proof” is that non-whites have more bad outcomes.

    • “White privilege” is promoted by social “scientists” who ignore actual science that says correlation between white people and success is not proof their success is caused by being white.
    • In the U.S., the link between race and success is actually strongest with eastern Asians who are not white.


The greatest predictor of “privilege” is the same for all races — not being born into poverty.

The cure for all inequality is to reverse the policies that make people poor.

      • Leftists won’t do that because the ruling-class needs those policies.
      • More importantly, fixing poverty would take away their hateful weapon of Group Guilt.

Group guilt

Group Guilt, or identity politics, means judging people based on the color of their skin, or their gender, or other qualities they can’t change.

Group Guilt is at the center of Leftist politics because it works.

The easiest way to create fear, anger, and hate is to incite tribal fears of “others” who are different.

      • It works even when it’s ridiculous.
      • People who’ve devoted their lives to supporting the rights of minorities are now told they are secretly racist in ways they can’t even see or understand.
      • Many of them go along.

Believing in white privilege ultimately means:

      • Explaining to a poor white single mother that she doesn’t deserve help because people who look like her are successful.
      • And telling Barack Obama’s children they deserve benefits because people with similar skin are struggling.

Group Guilt is hateful because it dehumanizes.

      • You might not want to punish your neighbor because you know he’s a good guy.
      • But you will vote to punish him if he belongs to a group you’re convinced deserves punishment.


The civil rights movement in the 1960s was a pivotal time when the ruling-class finally decided they could get more power by pandering to black people than by pandering to white people.

      • To highlight their transformation, they would not only stop discriminating against blacks, but they would start discriminating against whites.
      • They argued that “affirmative action” was not discrimination, and it was a necessary step to healing (their own) past racism.
      • Neither was true.

Racism is still at the core of the Leftist agenda. Now it’s directed against whites, yet the people most hurt are still minorities.

Does white privilege work?

The myth of white privilege makes people feel worse about whites, but it doesn’t make people feel better about minorities.

And how do minorities feel about themselves?

How would you feel if you were told these lies?

      • That all of your failures are because of your skin color.
      • That no matter what you do, you will never succeed because people of a different color hate you.
      • That your only salvation is to become a Victim Voter for Leftists who will put you on a path to multi-generational dependency.

Spreading the lie of white privilege is hateful because it instills in minorities helplessness, hopelessness, and anger.

Fake word

The word “privilege” suggests benefits that are not earned — and negates the link between effort and reward.

Consider white people born with little or no privilege — in poor families, or maybe with abusive parents.

      • Many of them will never rise above the circumstances of their birth.
      • But some will strive to make good choices and become successful members of society.
      • According to “white privilege” their efforts mean nothing. They’re only successful because they’re white.

Fake virtue

White Leftists “repent” the original sin of white privilege to signal their virtue to the ruling-class.

      • It’s the perfect test of loyalty and act of contrition in a world where only fake virtue matters, and actual facts are inconvenient.

Most importantly, white privilege is an excuse for income redistribution schemes which always enrich the ruling-class while leaving minorities poor.

Actual “privilege” is the ability for Leftists to spread hateful ideas without ever taking responsibility for the harm they cause.

What can we do?

Initially, conservatives thought white privilege was a prank from kooky people complaining that “flesh-colored” band-aids aren’t the color of everyone’s flesh.

      • But Leftists always take more.
      • Now that white privilege is discussed openly with few challengers, Leftists are claiming the majority of white people are white supremacists.
      • To justify their existence, the ruling-class will happily start a race war.

White privilege is a racial slur promoted by the ruling-class to create anger, guilt, and conflict.

      • It hurts non-whites more than whites.
      • We are not being polite or generous when we fail to oppose hate.
      • Every individual deserves to be judged by their actions, not their ancestors.

You are not a people. You are a person.

Want to reduce racism?

So do we.

      • Leftists won’t do it because heightened racial tension helps the ruling-class take your money.
      • Conservatives know if they question the Leftist agenda they will be shunned, labeled as racist or sexist, and targeted to be fired, harassed, sued, censored, or banned.

Hateful ideas like white privilege won’t simply go away.

      • Critical race theory is the core of ruling-class politics and it’s being taught every day to our children.

Ending Hate is your opportunity to undo what Leftists are doing.

      • We use targeted ads to reach people who would otherwise never see the truth.
      • You can help make that happen with complete privacy and no risk to your job or your safety.

Please join us.

Think things will get better without your help?

Conservatives have been optimistic since Reagan left office, while the Leftist agenda has spread like cancer.

Optimism needs action and we're joining together to fight back.

Please join us.

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