How can we help them, and everyone else?

Political hate is viral. Republicans are attacked in the streets. Friends and family members shun each other. Conservative voices are shouted down, censored, or banned.

How and why is this happening? We're told it's because of capitalism, free-markets, western civilization, white privilege, racism, and sexism. But all of those are going down, while hate is going up.

It's all about money

Ruling-class Leftists profit by taking things from you, while promising to give you back even more. They never had a plan to deliver on those promises, and now that's becoming obvious.

In an era of vast technological progress, the ruling-class is richer than ever while the middle-class struggles. Average families are no better off than fifty years ago, and most families now need two incomes.

To maintain their support and distract you from their corruption, Leftists need to establish an enemy.

The enemy is you

For a long time, Leftists tried to sell the idea that your enemy was "the rich". It worked a little, but too many people 

There is little argument about who is white, or male, or older.

Politics has always sparked fights about issues. Today's fights are about identity. The ruling-class needs an enemy to justify institutions, including education, journalism, entertainment, and social "scientists", have declared that our enemies are heterosexuals, whites, and men.
It's hateful to attack people for their color or gender. Why is this happening, and how does it hurt minorities more than anyone?

The lie of Group Guilt

Most people give others the benefit of the doubt. That's why it's not enough for Leftists to say that some white people hurt minorities. Instead, they invent terms like White Privilege to insist that all white people hurt minorities.

Leftists are judging people based solely on skin color, or gender, or sexual orientation to incite tribal emotions of fear and anger. For millennia, Group Guilt has been used by tyrants and dictators to fuel war and genocide.

The lie of Group Guilt hurts everyone -- and it particularly hurts minorities who grow up believing they can't succeed because the majority hates them. That also leaves minorities vulnerable to Leftist capture as permanent dependants.

The cure is exposure

Most people who support Leftists have no idea how they're hurting others. They've been indoctrinated from pre-school through grad-school. Leftists are their only role-models. And if they dare to question the Leftist agenda they will be shunned, labeled as racist or sexist, and targeted to be harassed, sued, censored, or banned.

The formula for ruling-class oppression is as old as humanity and it relies on censorship. Leftists must prevent opponents from exposing their toxic agenda.

Ending Hate uses the latest technology and machine learning to expose the hateful Leftist agenda. We advocate the values of mutual respect, individual freedom, and responsibility.

The fight of our lives

When the world was large, people sometimes escaped oppression by crossing mountains or oceans. That world no longer exists.

Technology gives ruling-classes the first real opportunity for global domination. Leftists already control government, big business, media, and education. DNA and facial recognition will allow them to identify every dissenting voice on the planet. Control over the internet will give them the power to make their opponents irrelevant.

Left unchecked, Leftist control will devolve into a new dark age with no middle-class. We will be reduced to a ruling-class -- and their dependents.

Leftist Hate won't go away by itself, and it can't be stopped by one President. We can only win this fight if we join together.

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